Third Eye Chakra Glass jar soy wax candle

As we get older, we get closer and closer to self-actualization. From ages 36 to 42, our third-eye chakra develops, and it's associated with dark blue and purple shades.

The third eye chakra (Ajna) governs our vision, intuition, truth, and clarity. An open third eye chakra helps us listen to the guidance from the universe, spotting signs and omens. It also helps us connect with our inner wisdom, visualize our dreams, and manifest our desires.

If your third eye chakra is closed, you’ll struggle to tap into your intuition or feel any connection with the divine. As a result, you may feel lost and have difficulty visualizing things, and your memory or physical vision may suffer. Third eye chakra affirmations can help you connect to your inner wisdom and sense your intuition so that you can trust the path ahead of you.

With its sleek glass jar, this candle functions as stylish home decor. Light it up and watch how its soft glow brings the room to life!

• Soy wax
• Cotton wick
• 3.76″ × 3.13″ (95 × 79 mm) glass vessel
• Product weight: 1.2 lbs (570 g)
• Unscented, has a pleasant natural aroma
• Blank product sourced from Latvia

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